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2. Multiple Choice (Single response)

This question type provides multiple pre-defined alternative answers from which only one alternative may be selected as a response to the question.

Data Field Descriptions

Question Text: In the block that has the default text “Text Response”, you can type any statement/question that is to be answered by the participant.

Question Image: If desired, an image can be displayed to precede the text. The image may be selected from any file that is accessible.

Response Type: As with any question type that is initially selected, you always have the option of changing your question type by selecting from the drop down menu.

Multiple Choice Options: The question editor starts you out with three options – each of which you can type in the answer on the blank line. It also allows you to select an image that can be displayed prior to the answer text. If you do not want to keep a specific line item, merely click on the “-“ box and it will be deleted. If you would like to add another line item immediately following an existing line, merely click on the “+” box.

Display skip logic rules (advanced): When this skip logic option is checked, a drop down appears under each multiple choice option that allows you to select the next question that should be displayed when the answer is selected.

NOTE: Since we do not prevent viewing of any skipped questions, it is highly recommended that this only be used to move from one page of questions to another page of questions. This will avoid the possible confusion if you only jump to another question on the same page, since all the prior questions that were skipped may still be accessed.

Display each option on a new line: When checked, each of the answer options will be listed vertically on a separate line.

Display each option on the same line: As the default option, checking this lists each answer option one after the other horizontally on the same line.

Allow Open-Ended Responses: Checking this provides an “other” answer option in addition to the options already provided.

This question is required: If selected, the participant will not be allowed to proceed past the current survey page until this question and all other required questions on the same page have been answered.

Last updated on 20th Sep 2017