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Live Preview

You can access a preview of your survey from one of two ways;

  • On the MY SURVEYS listing, next to each survey is a “Preview” button, or
  • When you are editing a survey, there’s a “Preview” link at the top of the editor.

The Preview looks exactly as it would to anyone who participates in responding to the survey invitation with the exception of the features at the top of each page.

Data Field Descriptions

Back To Survey: Clicking on this link closes the tab that is displaying the preview of the survey, and returns you to wherever you came from when you first clicked on a button/link to see the preview.

Share This Survey: To the right of this are a series of options that permits you to provide the link for this preview to someone else. These include various social media, email, and printing capabilities.

Survey Theme: This is a drop down that provides a number of formatting options. By selecting any one of the options, it immediately changes the color scheme and font sizes. This option can also be selected when editing a survey if you click on the “Settings” link at the top of the editor.

Last updated on 20th Sep 2017